Mixing from imported material

We also undertake the mixing and mastering of bands recorded in other studios or at home.

If you have also recorded the guitar and bass tracks as line signals, it is possible to reamp the line signals in the studio. In short, this means that the line signals are converted back to guitar signals and sent to the selected guitar amplifier and the microphone speaker. They are then re-recorded via a professional recording chain, reference equipment. The result is similar to how the recordings were originally recorded in a professional studio.

If necessary, we can also improve the tracks of vocals and other instruments recorded at home, the method is similar to reamping guitars. The bands are passed through analog hardware (preamps, compressors, equalizers).

If you agree with us on the technical parameters before you start recording at home, you can also avoid losses due to conversion or recording in the wrong format.

Guitar Set Up's - Technical Workshop

The maintenance and precise adjustment of the guitars is important in all situations of playing music, but it is a basic requirement for successful studio recording. With the wrong set of strings, inaccurate octave or string height adjustment, or other defects (nut, bridge, tuning key, knob, switch, electronics, etc.), it is very difficult or even impossible to pick up guitars properly. No matter the effort, the sound engineer and you will not succeed.

In an emergency, we try to eliminate the most burning mistakes while studying, but our Guitar Tuning Workshop is available to guitarists all year round. Before you start studying, it’s definitely worth checking out your instrument even if you feel there’s no problem with it.


Basic hourly rates:
35000,-Ft/day (8 hour).

Post production, editing:

DDP master file creating for CD production:

Master CD track sequencing and CD burning:

In case of recording a complete demo, record material, it is also possible to agree on a total price. We can make an individual offer for this, knowing the work to be done, which depends on the number, length, etc. of the songs.

Studio fee payment:
  • After booking the studio time, we usually ask for a 30% down payment, which can be sent by depositing or transferring to a bank account. The booked studio time entered into our schedule will become final upon receipt of the deposit.
  • An additional 30% is required during or after recording.
  • Payment of the remaining total amount is required after the production is completed.


It is important to us that musicians and performers feel almost at home even during their time in the studio, which is why we place great emphasis on comfort and convenience. The studio is located in a quiet green area with parking. There is a dining and lounge area with a kitchen, microwave, fridge and Wi-Fi access! We can provide free accommodation for bands coming from further afield for the maximum of 4 people. (3 persons + 1 extra bed)